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I'm enrolled, now what?

Congratulations on your admission to NYU-ePoly! This website is designed to assist you in your acclimation to our online community. To help you get started, we have put together an introduction to our online platform and services.

Ranked #3 For Return on Tuition Investment

NYU-ePoly has been ranked third among all schools in the nation in PayScale’s 2013 College ROI Report, which links the cost of attending over 1,000 colleges to median alumni salaries.

i²e = invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship

It is NYU-ePoly’s fundamentally new way of approaching academics and research by arming faculty and students with the tools, resources, and inspiration.

NYU-ePoly Philosophy

NYU-ePoly believes in active learning that is Interactive, Diverse, and Ever Evolving. Learning should involve peer-to-peer student engagement through diverse methods. As a result, NYU-ePoly embraces new technology, and we evolve to meet industry needs.

Congratulations on your Admission to NYU-ePoly!

Every part of our online community—the faculty, the staff and students—looks forward to welcoming you this coming semester. To help you get started, watch our welcome video to begin your NYU-ePoly experience.

We hope you can also join us for our NYU-ePoly Orientation, in which we have the following goals in mind:

Register for our NYU-ePoly Orientation Webinar. Can’t make the live session? Email nyuepoly@poly.edu for your copy of this webinar.

Graduate with a Master’s Degree from NYU

NYU-ePoly's online masters programs provide you with the same rigorous approach to learning as you would experience as a student on our campus:

NYU-ePoly Legacy

NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering has been at the head of technological advancements since it's beginnings over 150
years ago. NYU-ePoly has continued that legacy:

How NYU-ePoly Works

NYU-ePoly’s online master’s degree program provides you with the same rigorous approach to learning as you would experience as a student on our campus.

Our programs are delivered using the latest technology to provide dynamic, interactive learning environments, online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll never miss a class when the course comes to you.

Access your online course via Blackboard by logging in at my.poly.edu.

Accessing your online course

Earning a degree online has become an efficient way for many people to continue their education, and employers know that today's most prepared learners become tomorrow's most desirable professionals.

1. Log-on to Blackboard at http://my.poly.edu

2. When you log on to Blackboard for the first time, enter your e-mail account for your username and your student ID number as a temporary password. Please remember to change your password after you log on the first time.

3. Once on the home page, you may access your course listed under the “My Courses” section, or by clicking the “Courses” Tab.


You are committed to higher learning and we are equally
dedicated in helping you achieve your goals. Here are
resources that will help you get started on the right foot.


We understand that you may be unfamiliar with online learning. That's why we've done everything possible to put you at ease. Instructors, advisors, technical support, and your peers work with you every step of the way to help you succeed.

NYU-ePoly advocates a holistic approach to education that goes beyond classroom learning. Staff and faculty strive to enhance your opportunities as a student to participate fully in the University experience. We encourage, support, and provide guidance for students’ extracurricular activities while providing the best resources for a seamless collegiate experience.

Our Faculty

NYU-ePoly has earned an international reputation due to the efforts and accomplishments of its people -- our faculty, staff and students. The university recognizes that people are its most important resource, and places the highest value on all its members.

The NYU-ePoly System

In the place where innovative education, cutting-edge research and community outreach collide, you’ll find NYU-ePoly, where our vision is to be the world’s most community-engaged online learning institution.

i²e = invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship

The programs we offer are in some of the most in-demand
fields of our times. Whether you want to solve one of
tomorrow’s most challenging problems or if you are pursuing professional development, our programs will help you reach
your goals.

Online classes at NYU-ePoly are interactive with tools to support
your individual learning style including: e-mail, links between you,
your professor, and your peers, lectures, readings, presentations, discussions, quizzes, and exams. These tools also combine to create a strong sense of community within your online classes.